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Opti CONNECT is a call center that works on the basis of outsourcing and has an office in Kyiv. For the past 6 years, we have been providing high-quality inbound call support and efficient sales for our customers.
The main feature of our company is an individual approach and the ability to adapt to the needs of each client, taking into account the specifics of his project and his wishes. We develop an individual work plan and select qualified specialists whose expertise best meets the requirements and tasks of the project.

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Development of a launch plan

At the initial stage of our partnership, we focus on defining the goal of the project and developing an individual launch plan. The main goal is to ensure the most effective and successful cooperation in the future, taking into account all aspects of the project.


Structuring of information

The second stage includes the analysis and structuring of information from the customer. We will jointly develop a list of questions and answers, guaranteeing the operator full competence for high-quality consultation of your customers regarding the product.


Development of application registration channels

At the third stage, we develop channels for registering customer requests, coordinate reporting formats, conduct staff training according to the project, and record and coordinate IVR for effective communication.


Start of work

At the fourth stage, we start work, adjust processes, test operators weekly and monitor key indicators, coordinating them with the customer to optimize productivity.

Our results

FOP Petrova O.M.
Incoming calls
Call reception was made 24 hours a day
The number of orders has increased
up to 5 seconds
The waiting time for a response has decreased
The customer was not able to receive calls during non-working hours. He also periodically failed to cope with the number of incoming calls and lost orders because of this.
Thanks to our cooperation, the customer's customers can contact the line at any time, get quality advice and place an order. Due to this, the number of orders increased and the waiting time in the line decreased.


We have been working with the Opti CONNECT call center for about 2 years. On behalf of the "TMK" group of companies, I would like to express my gratitude for the high-quality, uninterrupted work. As of today, we interact with the call center for the service of quality control of the provision of services and maintenance in the network.

avatar comment 1 Janusz Piotrovsky, Founder of TMK

Our advertising agency "IPS Group" contacted the Opti CONTACT a call center. Not only the help of experienced specialists was necessary, but also operative work at a professional level. As a result of cooperation, Opti CONTACT has proven itself as a stable professional company, we are grateful!

avatar comment 2 Pavlo Adamych, General Director of IPS Group

Our audit firm would like to thank the contact center Opti CONTACT for conducting the project on outgoing calls. With the company, we expanded our customer base, increased sales. During our joint work, this contact center showed itself professionally. We hope for further fruitful cooperation!

avatar comment 3 Marta Shimon, CMO

We thank the team of Opti CONNECT for the professionalism and integrity shown during the joint work on conducting telephone surveys. We hope to maintain partnership relations in work on new projects.

avatar comment 4 Oleksandr Krol, Director of "Consulting AB"

Frequently asked questions

You will get access to our CRM system via the WEB. After entering your login and password, you will see:

  • Who called and from which company;
  • From which phone number and which one did you leave as a contact;
  • Brief commentary on the conversation;
  • Conversation status (Order, consultation, spam, forwarding);
  • How long the conversation lasted;
  • And so on
Yes of course! Opti CONNECT connects to your cloud PBX, in which your existing city phone number is already "installed".
Yes, we can provide telephone numbers of any regional center of Ukraine, including Dnipropetrovsk numbers.
You can launch the project both on the input and output lines within 3-4 days.
You can find out the cost by contacting our operators.
Leave your contact details and we will call you back