Make automatic calls to the list of contacts you have created according to the rules and parameters you set.

Get quality treatment for every contact in the database

and convenient analytics of call results.

Call 1000 customers in a couple of minutes

Discounts, sales - customers will instantly learn about your promotions and the most profitable offers.

Notify about promotions and discounts

You will be able to quickly filter the database by bank products, terms and amounts of debts, and make outgoing calls to debtors.

Call the debtors

Make cold car calls and get warm customers

Call "sleeping" customers

Your clients will be able to confirm their identity when entering the office or authorization simply by answering the call

Authorization and verification by call

Auto-dial can remind your customers about an event: confirmation of an appointment or order, delivery of an order, etc.

Send a message

Conduct customer surveys automatically without the involvement of a call center and manager

Conduct surveys

Autodial is suitable for any calls:

Order a consultation right now and start calling your customers effectively.

Do you need a customer callback service?

Unlike operators, the bot does not get tired and can work productively and without errors for as long as you need.

Get quality results

Connect an unlimited number of communication providers for dynamic routing of calls, making them in different directions (mobile, city, long-distance calls) and reservation of communication channels when automatically calling customers.

Save on communication

A voice robot can call 1000 customers

in a few minutes

Save time

All standard tasks, such as informing, auto-dialing debtors, collecting feedback, etc. is taken over by a robot, without the involvement of operators.

Save on staff

Why it's good for you

We will offer a robot autodialing service with maximum capabilities, which will help you send any voice message to the customer base in just a few clicks and record responses.

After analyzing the statistics with the status of calls and the selection of subscribers in the menu, you can easily build further logic for working with each category of customers.

No operators, but need autodialer?

The ability to add individual functions or scenarios to unique corporate cases. Continuous development of the product according to customer needs.
Flexible settings
The service can be placed wherever it is convenient for you. Data center, cloud or your server. You only need a browser to interact.
An intuitive interface allows a regular manager to manage the system without the involvement of an administrator or developer.

Easy management

Possibilities of the auto-notification service

Choose the terms of cooperation convenient for you:

  • Turnkey product;
  • Monthly subscription fee that is formed depending on your needs;
  • Provision of services upon request.

We offer various models of cooperation

Start the auto-information and get the result
Set the parameters that need to be taken into account during calls
Upload the list of numbers to the system in any way convenient for you.
Setting up auto-notification does not require the participation of an administrator or developer, an intuitive interface will allow a simple manager to manage the system
Start auto-notification in 3 easy steps

The price of the service

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