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Opti CONNECT Call Center ensures reliable communication with customers for your business!
Opti CONNECT - We save you money and time!
Instructions for cooperation with us:
Definition of the project purpose and development of a customized launch plan
Analysis and structuring of project information received from the customer
Development of the Customer's client inquiry logging channels
Approval of reporting formats
Project staff training
IVR recording and reconciliation
Adjustment of work processes
Auto-notification service
We offer a robot autodialing service with maximum capabilities that will help you send any voice message to your customer base in just a few clicks.
Filter the database according to various parameters and quickly call debtors.
Call the debtors
Make cold car calls and get warm customers
Call "sleeping" customers
Send reminders to your customers about the event: booking confirmation, order, etc.
Send a message
Discounts, sales - customers will instantly learn about your promotions and the most profitable offers.
Notify about promotions and discounts
Services we offer:
Inbound calls:
Outbound calls:
We also provide an interactive voice response (IVR) service, which saves time for your specialists and delivers required information to the consumers. The voice menu connects your customers with the service they want to contact – when the appropriate specialist is selected, the call is redirected to the mobile or landline number of the selected specialist for his/her round-the-clock contact with the customer
Mystery shopping service allows determining the level of service of your staff, finding out the weaknesses and strengths of your business and taking actions to prevent crises
Our call center operators conduct surveys and questionnaires in respect of the database for your business. This allows responding quickly to any changes and trends, as well as understanding better your target audience, their needs, their level of satisfaction and loyalty
Operators of the outsourced call center will process each call of your customers according to your standards, record each complaint and send it to the appropriate employees of your company, saving their time for receiving such calls
Calls are received 24/7, so no customer will be left unattended, which will increase his/her loyalty and bring reputational benefits to the company
Our operators continuously improve their skills, attend trainings and educational programs, so you can be assured that they handle each request as efficiently as possible and, if required, use cross-selling method or objection handling
Our specialists will help you organize your customer hotline, receipt of the technical support service requests or orders, as well as implement a turnkey information line for your company
Plan your profit quickly and conveniently!
You can calculate your profit using our online calculator!
Value-added services:
IVR service allows saving your specialists' time for routing calls inside the company and organizing the informing of customers without involving a large number of specialists
Dedicated agent groups
Dedicated agent groups create a full-fledged call center for your business, powered by our hardware and software and staffed by the best professionals
You control the process of staff selection, training and testing against specific standards, as well as have full access to statistics and remote listening of conversations; you can track workload and personal effectiveness of operators
Prices for services
The cost of the service depends on the individual characteristics of the project. Our specialists will prepare an estimate for you once all the details are clarified.

You can leave an inquiry on our website or consult the hotline.
Today, Opti CONNECT Contact Center is:
Handling of over 7,000 inbound calls per day
More than 50 customers, including Polish and foreign organizations and companies
Our state-of-the-art solutions are not only convenient and simple, but also help you save money and time
High rate of the clients' issues resolution from the first call, reaching 80% on a number of projects
Excellent customer satisfaction rate, reaching 90% in some projects
Impeccable reputation, 5 successful years in call center industry
24/7 communication and support from our experts
Opti CONNECT is a center with a wide range of marketing products and services. One of the company business directions is providing call center services.
Our main advantage is the use of the latest technology, modern hardware and software, up-to-date communications and, most importantly, skilled staff.
About company
operator seats
calls per day
100 000
We serve and support your CUSTOMERS 24/7
The average work experience of our managers is 5 years. Most of them started their carrier as operators, so they know all aspects of the business and are experts in the industry!
Frequently Asked Questions
You will get access to our CRM system via the WEB.
By entering your username and password, you will see:

  • Who and from what company called;
  • From what phone number the call was made and what contact phone number was left;
  • A brief summary of the conversation;
  • Conversation status (order, consultation, spam, forwarding)
  • How long did the conversation last;
  • And so on.
  • We have been working with Opti CONNECT call center for about 2 years. On behalf of the TMK Group, I would like to express my gratitude for the quality and seamless operation. To date, we interact with the call center based on the service of monitoring the quality of service delivery and network service.
    Janusz Piotrowski «ТМК» Founder
  • Our advertising agency IPS Group contacted the Opti CONNECT call center for the first time. We needed not only the help of experienced specialists, but also prompt professional work. During the cooperation, Opti CONNECT has proved to be a stable professional company, and we are grateful to it!
    Paweł Adamich «IPS Group» CEO
  • Our audit firm would like to thank Opti CONNECT Call Center for the outbound calls project. With the company, we have expanded our customer base and increased sales. During the period of our cooperation this call center proved to be professional. Looking forward to the further fruitful cooperation!
    Martha Shimon, CMO
  • I am satisfied with the work of Opti CONNECT operators, thank you for your literate speech, excellent diction, and the ability to convince the client. You did great, and we will reach out to you again!
    Aleksander Król «Konsulting AB» Director
  • We thank the Opti CONNECT team for the professionalism and integrity shown during the joint work at conducting telephone surveys. We hope to continue our partnership in working at new projects.
    Hanna Kamińska, Commercial Director
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